My tips for viewing my photos hosted
on and my video clips hosted on various websites allows me to post tons of my personal photos for free, and allows you to view these photos for free.  How do they stay in business?  By selling prints/greeting cards/calendars/etc. of the hosted pictures, and by providing some advertising on their site.  You don't need to buy prints to view the photos, and if you do order prints, I do not make any money from your purchase, however from past experience I've found their service and printing quality to both be excellent.

Some dotPhoto picture viewing tips:

Sony's allowed me to share large video clips for free.  There are some limitations, and some people have had difficulty getting the video clips to download.  Still, it seems to be one of the most generous video hosting sites, allowing each clip to be up to 40MB and each album allows me to share up to 15 minutes of videos.  Without a service like theirs, it would be costly to share large video clips with you, so despite their quirks, I was grateful for their service.

Some video viewing tips:


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If you have any other pictures or links that you want to share, please write me at .  Also please let me know of any questions or issues with any of my online images.

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